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Milk Thistle Oil: a goldmine of vitamins

The human body is constantly exposed to harmful impact from food, toxins, alcohol, and other factors. The most affected is the natural filter organ – the liver. In order to support this important part of the body and help it to cope with the problems, people have always used milk thistle oil which is known for its magical properties.

This plant was already used in Ancient Egypt and Greece. The thistle was first mentioned in the treatises of such famous healers and scientists of antiquity as Galenus and Dioscorides.

Silybum marianum

Silybum marianum comes from the large family of Asteraceae. The common name of the plant is Mary thistle. It grows in the south of Western Siberia, in the heart of Asia and Europe. The weirdly named plant contains more than 350 useful minerals, vitamins and trace elements, such as zinc; copper; iodine; chromium; calcium; magnesium; iron; vitamins A, B, E, K, F, D; fat and essential oils; histamine; tyramine; lipid complex.

Milk Thistle Oil Benefits

Milk Thistle seeds, flowers, roots, and stems are used in the production of various drugs, yet milk thistle oil is the one believed to be most useful.

It has the power to stimulate the secretion of the important nutrient Glutathione and to regulate its level. It represents a short chain of three amino acids that help to remove free radicals, toxins, and heavy metals from the body. Glutathione is an effective remedy for chemical and radiation poisoning.

Milk Thistle Oil also contains flavonolignans (silidianine, silicristin, and silybin) – the components that directly affect the regenerative characteristics of the liver (liver recovery) and increase its ability to resist adverse attacks. It also exhibits choleretic effects.

Given the unique components of milk thistle oil, its benefits for the liver can hardly be overestimated. However, there are still certain examinations and prescriptions that need to be made by a physician in order to use the extract strictly following the instruction provided (time of use and dosage).

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