Blueberry Freeze-Dried Powder


  • Natural Blueberry Freeze-Dried powder.
  • Wild Harvested Berries from a pristine Russian forest.
  • No added sugar.
  • No preservatives, colorants, aromas, Non-Gmo.
  • No leavening agents, so small lumps are possible.


Blueberry Freeze-Dried Powder, 2 oz. Wild Harvested Berries

Wonderful creation of the North

Blueberries truly are a wonderful creation of the North. It is not by chance that it is sometimes called swamp grape: the light blue berries with a subtle grayish patina can be found on the banks of rivers and lakes, particularly in swampy areas with moist soil, ringing silence, clear sky, and clean air.

One legend tells the story of a beautiful, fragile girl. Suffering from unhappy love, she went to the marshes and turned into a blueberry. The blueberry unpretentious enough to choose the cold regions as its habitat seems to strive for helping people, generously giving them its power and support.

A reward for the long journey, these juicy and slightly watery berries will help the wanderer quench the thirst and dull the hunger. It is a great source of strength as well: apart from the sweet flavor, anyone who tastes blueberries will get a unique combination of health benefits. A real wellness formula, blueberry improves brain function, strengthens heart and bones, rejuvenates skin, prevents aging, and possesses positive effects on vision, digestion, and weight control.

Once freeze-dried, the berries retain all their nutritional properties and can find application in a huge number of dishes. Blueberries make an excellent ingredient for smoothies, jams, marmalades, compotes, fruit drinks, and juices. You can add it to baked goods, too – muffins, biscuits, pies, etc.


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