Dear customers!

We are pleased to offer you unique environmentally friendly products originating from one of the most pristine places on the planet – Siberia.

Located in the heart of Eurasia, this region is isolated from large cities, transportation hubs, and industrial centers. Over thousands of years, life itself has made the area the home of plants and other natural products with valuable properties.

wholesale offerOur principles

Our business activity relies on two fundamental principles.

First principle: naturalness and purity. We only offer natural products with unique revitalizing and healing properties: oils, teas, shilajit, nuts, herbs, berries, chaga – all the generous gifts of Siberia. We are ready to supply these products, capable of restoring and enhancing human health and beauty, in large and small wholesale quantities.

Second principle: efficiency, simplicity, and convenience. Our aspiration is to form offers not only attractive and beneficial but also convenient for the customer. With the aim to make our cooperation simple and pleasant for you, we are ready to:

  • send a wholesale price list upon request,
  • adjust the product packaging to meet the volume requirements,
  • design a package in the desired language,
  • handle logistics of the merchandise.

This way, you get a ready-made product adapted to your market.

We provide wholesale supplies to online and offline stores, spas, pharmacies, etc. Our distribution map includes different countries all over the world. We are constantly expanding our geographical presence and would be happy to do business with you.

Some values remain unchanged over the centuries. The health of the body and purity of thoughts, new strength and enjoyment of each day are the things that make life fuller and deeper, and its taste brighter. This is what ancient healers and shamans sought and found among the mountains, rivers, and forests. This is what modern medicine and cosmetology accept from nature with gratitude. This is what Siberia has to offer you.

Let us share the Power of the Pristine Land!

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