Siberian Camelina Oil, First Cold Press, Extra Virgin, 3.4 Fl Oz


Fresh Oil. Glass bottle.

100% Natural, Premium Quality.

Made in Siberia.



Siberian Camelina Oil, First Cold Press, Extra Virgin, 3.4 Fl Oz (100 ml)

Living gold

Camelina Sativa is a living gold of Siberia – sunshiny myriads of flowers, boiling aurum of Altai fields. Honey dew seeds of camelina are real capsules of health and beauty, and the camelina oil, rich in vitamins, micro-and macro-elements and aliphatic carboxylic is extracted from them.

This universal means affects bone tissue, immunity, heart, blood vessels, hormones, skin and hair, enhancing health, improving the work of organs, and cleaning harmful substances from the body.

Thus, camelina oil is valued by cosmetologists – it can be found in massage oils, face and body creams. Due to its low viscosity, the oil is easily absorbed and softens the skin, strengthens the hair and makes it shine.

Camelina oil has been known since ancient times. The empires arose and fell apart, while it was boiling in kitchen pans, yellowing in healers’ bottles, fueling the fire that illuminated temples and houses.

For centuries it was the main vegetable oil for cooking, before flaxseed oil and hemp were extracted a little later. Today, this elixir, appreciated by our ancestors, is popular with all people seeking for proper and balanced nutrition.



Siberian Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Camelina Oil.

No preservatives, colorants, aromas or other additives.



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