Apple Freeze-Dried Powder


  • Natural Apple Freeze-Dried powder.
  • No added sugar.
  • No preservatives, colorants, aromas, Non-Gmo.
  • No leavening agents, so small lumps are possible.


Apple Freeze-Dried Powder, 2 oz. Selected fruits

The symbol of Life and Beauty

The Eden fruit of the knowledge of good and evil, the Greek apple of discord and the gardens of Hesperides, the rejuvenating apples from fairy tales… One can hardly name a fruit with as many symbols embedded in it as the apple, which has accompanied the life of man from the very creation of the world.

Looking back in time, we cannot distinguish the exact moment when the apple became an image, but it has been a constant presence in literature, painting, and sculpture ever since. Gods, beauties, and heroes stretched out their hands to it, with the glow of fire and sunlight dancing in its round sides.

And every fall, the spaces of the earth get filled with the rumbling sound of falling ripe fruit, as if nature itself beats the drum: it’s time to pick apples!

The round fragrant fruit, like a small planet, is full of meaning, mystery, and power – it’s no coincidence that it has become a symbol of eternal youth. Its composition is beneficial for the whole body: to strengthen bones and memory, to enhance eye function and rejuvenate skin, to normalize blood pressure and heart performance – and to boost immunity in general.

The freeze-dried apple retains its secrets and healthy properties, the memory of ancient times and forgotten knowledge, the music of life, and the flavor of countless summer days full of sunshine and joy. And it’s ready to share it – all you have to do is reach out your hand.


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