Siberian Pine Nut Flour, 5.29 Oz Bag


  • Natural product with high protein and fiber levels.
  • An excellent ingredient for shakes, smoothies, porridges, pastries, and sauces.
  • Fat-reduced. Gluten-Free. Non-GMO.
  • No preservatives, colorants, aromas.
  • Produced in Siberia, Russia.

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Siberian Pine Nut Flour, 5.29 Oz Bag

Siberian Pine Nut Flour produced from nuts and seeds is a real treat for a healthy living. This is a natural product high in plant-based protein, fiber, and healthy micronutrients. Use it to make shakes, smoothies, add it to porridges, pastries, or sauces. You can also add it to home-made cosmetic masks. That’s a perfect way to diversify your diet and benefit from the secret of beauty, youth, and well-being.

A product derived from the Siberian pine nut kernels, pine nut flour has a delicate flavor and unparalleled mild nutty taste. Once added to any dish, the flour makes it tastier and more nutritious thanks to its balanced composition and excellent taste.

Pine nut flour is extremely rich in protein and phosphorus, both of which have a positive effect on the nervous system and muscle function. The human body absorbs almost 95% of its protein, something that no other plant-based product can offer. Iron contained in pine nut flour plays an important role in metabolic processes and energy enhancement. It also contains components necessary for the normalization of digestive processes, immune and cardiovascular systems, which allows you to feel well and look great by improving the condition of your skin, hair, and nails.

Suggested Use:

  1. Add 1-3 tbsp. of flour to porridge, soup, salad, or take 1 tbsp. 2-3 times a day with some water or juice.

  2. Mix 2-3 tbsp. of pine nut flour with yogurt, milk, or juice, add your favorite fruit, and give it a good whisk with a blender. Your natural healthy cocktail is all ready!

  3. Use it to substitute 10-30% of the regular flour specified in a recipe.

Don’t hesitate to experiment and create your own unique, healthy recipes.


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