siberian pine nut oil

Siberian Pine Nut Oil benefits for skin

Nowadays, the beauty and health of our skin are difficult to maintain. One may find a lot of useful tips in fashion magazines and colorful websites. People write, talk, and make recommendations on how to eat, moisturize, and cleanse the skin with a variety of cosmetic products. The abundance of information makes it difficult to select a suitable care product for oneself. Meanwhile, natural products have proven to be the best and most suitable for skin absorption.

Pine Nut Oil has been known for its benefits since ancient times. Not only is it capable of preserving youth, but also of revitalizing the entire body. Witch doctors used to treat wounds, bronchial diseases, rheumatism, and gout. It is also good for the nervous system and indispensable to those with atherosclerosis since it contains unsaturated fatty acids.

There are no equivalents of Siberian Pine Nut Oil in nature

When we speak about the content of amino acids, micronutrients, and beneficial cosmetic and healing properties, there are no equivalents of Siberian Pine Nut Oil in nature. It is a known fact in order to keep the skin in good condition, our body needs Vitamin E. And Siberian Pine Nut Oil is richer in vitamin E than, for example, olive or coconut oil. It is also rich in other vitamins required for healthy skin, such as vitamins A, B, and D, as well as equally important micro- and macronutrients such as iodine, phosphorus, and magnesium. The Siberian Pine Nut Oil is perfectly absorbed into the skin, exhibits moisturizing, refreshing action, improves skin color, increases elasticity. It also stimulates exfoliation of dead epidermis cells. In the case of allergic skin reactions, the Pine Nut Oil reduces itchiness, swelling, and reddening.

For gentle care of skin

The product can be used for gentle care of baby skin, protecting it from UV rays. Among other things, pine nut oil can be added to creams, balms, and masks to enhance the rejuvenating and moisturizing effect.

Face Mask Recipes with Siberian Pine Nut Oil

Let us bring to your attention several Recipes facial masks with Siberian Treasure Pine Nut Oil:

Cream mask

Heat up fresh, high-fat cream (about two tablespoons) a little, add 7 drops of Pine Nut Oil. Apply the formula with a cotton pad. After the first layer dries out, apply the next one. The composition soothes the skin, eliminates flaking.

There is also a slightly altered version of this mask which is more suitable for intensive skin moisturizing:

  • Siberian Pine Nut Oil (about 15-20 drops);
  • Aloe Vera juice (about 15 ml);
  • Cream (10-15 g would be enough).

Herbal mask

This one is recommended for sensitive skin prone to irritation. All you need is mix crushed dry chamomile and nettle leaf (both a full tablespoon). After that, pour a small amount of boiling water just so the formula would get mushy. Then, wrap up the bowl with herbs in a towel and let it rest for one hour. Put 5 ml of pine nut oil into the warm herbs paste. Put the ready-made composition onto the gauze patch and apply it onto your face.

Oatmeal mask

This is a universal formula that is suitable for any skin type. You will need oatmeal flour (you can make it yourself from oatmeal flakes using a coffee grinder). Pour a small amount of water into two full spoons of flour until it makes a paste, then give it some time to soak up. If you have dry skin, better try pouring milk in. For toning oily skin it’s recommended to use green tea. Add 5 ml of Siberian Pine Nut Oil to the mixture and stir thoroughly before use.


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