Black Cumin Seed Oil, First Cold Press, Extra Virgin, 3.4 Fl Oz


Fresh Black Cumin Seed Oil. Glass bottle.

100% Natural, Premium Quality.

Made in Siberia.



Black Cumin Seed Oil, First Cold Press, Extra Virgin, 3.4 Fl Oz (100 ml)

The bright power of black cumin

Black cumin is royalty amongst many plants, the mysterious prince, the secret of nature not fully revealed.

Its journey toward humankind goes back thousands of years, to the dawn of civilizations. The manuscripts of ancient healers and scholars have preserved the fascination of the researchers with this treasure.

With the knowledge about black cumin seed oil passing through centuries and countries, cultures and dialects, the plant has been giving people new discoveries and getting new names.

Legendary queens used it for cosmetic purposes – to keep themselves young and beautiful. Cooks added it to all kinds of dishes and were delighted with the result. And as for healers, they prescribed it in almost all cases.

In fact, that’s exactly what they used to call black cumin seed oil – the cure for everything.

Later on, people learned how to squeeze oil from the small black seeds, and the elixir of green and brown color made real wonders. It strengthened the liver and kidneys, supported the heart, improved blood circulation, gave a clear look and strong teeth, smoothed the skin, and removed wrinkles.

Pure strength. Incredible power. Bright energy.



Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Black Cumin Seed Oil.

No preservatives, colorants, aromas or other additives.


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