Siberian Amaranth Oil, First Cold Press, Extra Virgin, 3.4 Fl Oz


  • Fresh Oil. Glass bottle.
  • 100% Natural, Premium Quality.
  • Made in Siberia.


Siberian Amaranth Oil, First Cold Press, Extra Virgin, 3.4 Fl Oz (100 ml)

Never-fading flower

This is how the resounding Greek word “amaranth” is translated. It gives this property to those who consume amaranth seed oil, because it contains a powerful complex of protective substances and vitamins.

This is the undoubted leader among the oils in the concentration of vitamin E, necessary for the skin, sight, and immune system. Almost 10% of it is the nutrient called squalene, which protects the skin against aging. There are also many sterols which are an essential element of many sports nutrition products. And a content of calcium, which is extremely important for a person at any age, is even higher than in whole milk!

It contains more than just vitamins – the memory of millennia is written in it. If plants could speak, amaranth would tell a lot. About being worshipped by the ancient Incas. About invulnerability it gave to the soldiers. About how it was dedicated to Artemis. About being placed on the coat of arms by Julia Gonzaga, the famous patron of the Renaissance. About amazing legends and literary images. All of this is encrypted in the memory of amaranth oil…

Like other oils, amaranth oil has a whole range of unique properties, and it has been in demand in medicine, cosmetology and cooking for eight thousand years. It is not surprising that this natural and accessible remedy, one of the most valuable riches of Siberia, is necessarily present in the menu of people leading a conscious, healthy lifestyle.



  • Siberian Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Amaranth Oil.
  • No preservatives, colorants, aromas or other additives.



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