Siberian Chaga Mushroom Chunks, 3.5 oz


  • Premium Siberian Chaga
  • 100% Wild Harvested in Siberia, Never Cultivated
  • Wild Harvested only from living Birch Trees, healthy, old growth forest in Siberia
  • A century old folk remedy of Russia
  • Produced in Siberia, Russia




Siberian Chaga Mushroom Chunks, Inonotus Obliquus, 3.5 oz (100 g)

Birch Mushroom Mystery

In birch woods of Siberia, on light trunks, flickering quietly in the forest silence, you can often see dark knots. This is chaga mushroom, or birch fungus – one of the most mysterious mushrooms in Russia.

Its properties are not fully studied; scientists are not sure how exactly it works, and are astounded by the concentration of antioxidants in this mushroom. But one thing is surely known: chaga that travels from tree to tree for centuries is a priceless ally of man in the struggle against various diseases.

When sending spores into the air, it is no coincidence that the mushroom chooses mainly birch – it feels the soft, kind, generous energy of the tree that is a symbol of Russia for the whole world. Chaga Mushroom is filled with this force, birch juice, underground springs that feed the roots, in order to share it later with people.

For many centuries, chaga has served people by increasing immunity, fighting insomnia and dizziness, strengthening the stomach, reducing blood pressure, and giving battle to its main enemy – tumors. Princes and peasants, warriors and hunters are among its grateful patients.

Broths of birch fungus have long been prepared in Siberian villages, Russian huts and dwellings of the Altai peoples. Steam rises above the pots, the sick and healthy cling to smoking mugs and ladles, taking the power of Siberia, birch light, the incessant singing of the deep waters.


100% Siberian Chaga Mushroom pieces.


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