Honeysuckle Freeze-Dried Powder


  • Natural Honeysuckle Berry Freeze-Dried Powder.
  • Wild Harvested Berries from a pristine Russian forest.
  • No added sugar.
  • No preservatives, colorants, aromas, Non-Gmo.
  • No leavening agents, so small lumps are possible.
  • Product of Russia.
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Honeysuckle Freeze-Dried Powder, 2 oz. Wild Harvested Berries

The berry bringing love and good luck

This powder is derived from ground honeysuckle berries.

They grew in a distant northern land, where boulders scattered among the trees retain the legends of the past, and the cold water skerries whisper names long forgotten.

Beautiful, elongated dark blue berries were infused with underground springs and heavenly moisture, taking in the coniferous breath of the surrounding space, as infinite as the song of this world.

Picked and sorted by kind hands, they are to be further thoroughly washed, frozen, dried, and ground. That’s when their new life begins. Not only does the freeze-dried berry powder preserve their original potency and flavor, it also contains many vitamins and minerals that:

  • regulate the cardiovascular system, relieve vascular dystonia and blood pressure,
  • produce an enveloping effect to protect the intestines and therefore help in cases of gastritis, ulcers, and other gastrointestinal diseases,
  • contain special substances called catechins, which promote better coping with skin diseases,
  • are used to reduce inflammation affecting the mucosa of the throat and oral cavity,
  • are enriched with vitamins for strengthening the immune system, which is especially important in the fall and spring for colds prevention and treatment,
  • make a perfect solution for tissue swelling and conditions leading to fluid accumulation in the abdominal cavity,
  • possess weight-reducing benefits by being low in calories and speeding up the metabolism.

Honeysuckle berries are a great help for:

  • women to prolong the youthfulness of the skin and slow down the aging process;
  • men over 40 to slow down and prevent hair loss;
  • children to cope with colds and boost the immune system.

Among other things, they are an invaluable asset in the kitchen. Just add the freeze-dried berries to smoothies, porridges, or pastries, and let them embellish your meals, bringing in a touch of the distant forests and northern lands.

After all, it is not by chance that folklore closely associates the image of the honeysuckle berries with concepts of love, abundant life, joy, and prosperity. People used to believe that a honeysuckle tree growing next to a house would bring good luck and health to its inhabitants.

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