Black Currant Freeze-Dried Powder


  • Natural Black Currant Freeze-Dried powder.
  • Wild Harvested Berries from a pristine Russian forest.
  • No added sugar.
  • No preservatives, colorants, aromas, Non-Gmo.
  • No leavening agents, so small lumps are possible.


Black Currant Freeze-Dried Powder, 2 oz. Wild Harvested Berries

The black currant’s native habitat is the wet areas of riverbanks and the taiga. One theory claims the berry’s name “smorodina” to derive from the Old Russian word “smorodit”, i.e., to emit a strong odor. In ancient times, people used to call currant bushes “porechki” for the fact that they grew along the rivers (“rechki”). For currant to accumulate more nutrients, it needs the sun, but not the heat. This is why they are more likely to be found on riverbanks, their branches hanging down by the water. The healthiest currant berries, however, are known to grow in harsh climates. 

Modern research has confirmed the anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant, anti-radiation, anti-inflammatory, and other medicinal properties of black currant.

Vitamin C is commonly referred to as the core beneficial component of Siberian black currant berries. In fact, Siberian black currant ranks among the top plant products highest in vitamin C content.

As for minerals, the berries contain fairly large amounts of potassium and iron. They also tend to accumulate zinc, copper, and selenium.

Traditional medicine

Russian folk medicine practitioners use black currant juice as a remedy for vitamin deficiency and colds. Currant leaf tea, in the meantime, is believed to relieve rheumatic symptoms along with bladder and kidney inflammation. All the East-Slavic people have the common practice of using black currant to reduce blood pressure and cure headaches of vascular and neurogenic origin.

Still, fresh currant juice or berries, no sugar added, are used more widely in traditional medicine. Delivered in this form, currant berries bring more benefits against various diseases of the digestive system: low acidity gastritis, stomach mucosa inflammation, diarrhea, colic, diabetes, and excessive uric acid in the body. Mixed with water, no-sugar juice can be used as a throat wash for angina and stomatitis. Some traditional medicine authors refer to black currant as a remedy for enhancing male sexual function. In some cases, black currant can even be used as an adjunct to fight cancer.

Weight loss

Being a relatively low-calorie product (63 kcal per 100 grams), black currant is very popular with supporters of berry diets. Delicious and healthy, the berries greatly contribute to diversifying the daily menu and supplying the body with important vitamins and minerals.

Interestingly, there is another potential way to use the berries to shed extra pounds: under certain conditions, black currant anthocyanins may help with weight gain control. Although, the method hasn’t proved to be universally effective.


The taste of black currant varies from sweet to sour, with many intermediate flavors. Most often, the berries are consumed fresh (or thawed). They can, however, be used to make sauces, jams, kissels, cookies, marmalades, marshmallows, jellies, along with alcoholic tinctures, wines, and liqueurs.

The berry freeze-drying technology consists of two stages:

  1. First the product must be frozen to complete solidification, then dried in a deep vacuum.
  2. After that, we remove water from the frozen product using the so-called “sublimation” method. This means that the water (ice) goes from the solid phase to gas directly, bypassing the liquid state.

This ensures that only water evaporating (vapor) can move within the product’s structure, whereas substances dissolved in the water, such as sugar, salt, etc., remain static.
This results in the main advantages of the freeze-drying technique as compared to the traditional method.

The advantages of berry freeze-drying are as follows:
  • Flavor and aroma preservation;
  • Shape, color, and texture remaining intact;
  • Excellent hydration potential;
  • Complete preservation of proteins and vitamins.


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