Siberian Grapeseed Oil, First Cold Press, Extra Virgin, 3.4 Fl Oz


  • Fresh Grapeseed Oil. Glass bottle.
  • 100% Natural, Premium Quality.
  • Made in Siberia.


Siberian Grapeseed Oil, First Cold Press, Extra Virgin, 3.4 Fl Oz (100 ml)

Beauty and strength, youth and happiness

A thirst quencher on a hot day and the essence of world winemaking, an object of mythology and heraldry, a symbol of religions, and simply an art object at the same time… Grapes have been a part of people’s lives since ancient times. Heavy and beautiful, their bunches can be found in icons, paintings, and sculptures, along with songs and legends.

The history of grape seed oil, by contrast, is just beginning. Only recently it has been discovered that the composition of the seeds and rind of these berries is 90 percent similar to that of the pulp. For many centuries, this substance was simply thrown away as a byproduct and a food waste. Meanwhile, this very composition represents nothing less than a priceless treasure.

Since the 20th century, people have been mastering techniques for extracting oil from grape seeds. Interestingly, the cold-pressing technology is the one that is still being developed and improved. This method of oil production is what enables us to preserve the unique chemical formula written by Nature itself.

What it describes is a miraculous combination of vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients to improve the heart, circulatory, nervous, and digestive systems. It also benefits female hormones and male potency, while significantly preventing early aging and increasing vitality, smoothing wrinkles, and clearing skin at the same time. Other positive effects include weight loss, hair strengthening, and a more even and beautiful tan.

It’s all about beauty and strength, youth and happiness of life.

You can choose to use grape seed oil in many different ways, often in combination with other ingredients which can be chosen according to the effects you want to achieve. For example, the simplest approach would be taking a teaspoon of grape seed oil every day after dinner.

Thanks to its fine taste and nutritional value, much higher than that of many other oils, grape seed oil has found its rightful place in cooking as well. Its mild, slightly spicy flavor with a pleasant aroma makes it an excellent addition to salads and sauces, fish and meat dishes, porridges, mashed potatoes, and baked goods. Please avoid heat treatment – adding a few drops of the oil to the food should be just enough for you to get the effect.

It is not by chance that grapes have become a symbol of fertility, abundance, and life in the world culture. The oil squeezed from its seeds possesses truly great power! And this power should be treated with respect. Before using the product, please read all the recommendations and consult your doctor, if possible, to make sure you have no individual intolerance to it. Only after that, you can let the ancient forces of nature work their wonders.


  • Siberian Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Grapeseed Oil.
  • No preservatives, colorants, aromas or other additives.



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