Strength and Purity of the Pristine Land

SIBERIAN TREASURE is your personal entry point to a pristine land, a unique way to the source of vitality.

Siberia is called not only the cradle of civilizations, but also the ark of mankind. The power of the planet is concentrated in this place. Here everything is alive, giving energy and health. Healing juices stir in the plants, a viscid turpentine gum oozes out of the trees’ bodies.

SIBERIAN TREASURE is the preserved purity of millennia.

Everything here is pure – clear air, crystal water, and amber resin. The words and thoughts of the one who hit the road. The heart of the one who touched the source. We offer you pure products – no additives, no chemicals. The components are collected by kind and warm hands, in light meadows, in dark taiga depths.

SIBERIAN TREASURE is a 21st century trade caravan.

We continue the traditions of our ancestors – the Slavs, the Rus, who brought to other lands what the nature itself had bestowed on them. In each product we offer, forests sighing and glass rivers ringing, big fish wobbling their tails and deer hooves knocking on stones, a shaman’s tambourine and an echo in caves singing.

SIBERIAN TREASURE is a story in every product.

The story of sea-buckthorn berries hanging like heavy beads, and purple spots of thistle flashing in the fields. About beekeepers opening the tops of buzzing hives, herbalists cutting off plants with bizarre names, shishkars carrying bags of pine nuts. About people baking flax and pea crackers, drying tomato, pepper, onion, garlic, cabbage and beets in their houses. About the elements stirring in flowers, trees, and clay the natural cosmetics are made from.

SIBERIAN TREASURE is your guide in a magical blue-green sea of herbs and trees, wonderful balms and oils.

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