Viburnum Berry Freeze-Dried Powder


  • Natural Viburnum Berry Freeze-Dried Powder.
  • Wild Harvested Berries from a pristine Russian forest.
  • No added sugar.
  • No preservatives, colorants, aromas, Non-Gmo.
  • No leavening agents, so small lumps are possible.


Viburnum Berry Freeze-Dried Powder, 2 oz. Wild Harvested Berries

Bright beads of a short northern summer

Viburnum berries are not simple ones. These are beautiful, bright, and festive, yet with a bitter taste. This is why people have been associating it with such different concepts for centuries. It was a symbol of maiden beauty and marital happiness, of love and sorrow at the same time.

These bright red berries dangling from the branches like heavy beads conjure many wonderful and majestic images. Having accompanied mankind throughout centuries, they’ve been around to share both happy and sad moments, as well as to help people by strengthening their health.

This berry powder is made from freeze-dried viburnum berries that grew in the far north, in the soil that preserves the ancient legends about the creation of the world, about brave warriors known as bogatyrs and beautiful maidens. The viburnum berries ripen closer to autumn, with their brightness evoking the joy of life and their bitterness representing a farewell to summer.

Viburnum berries contain an incredible wealth of vitamins and minerals to prolong youthfulness, strengthen the heart and blood vessels, support the immune system, as well as provide a calming effect and promote good sleep. Freeze-dried viburnum berry powder retains their original potency and flavor. It can be used for broths, fruit drinks and juices, or added to porridges and pastries.

Freeze-dried viburnum berries will have a positive effect on your body and tell you about a short northern summer in a faraway land where the mossy rocks still remember the times of giants walking upon the earth.

Tea with viburnum berries

While viburnum tea might not be universally appreciated for its peculiar smell and bitter taste, everyone knows about its beneficial properties. Tea with viburnum berries is a good remedy both for improving immunity and for combating colds. There’s a saying in Russian that goes, “Viburnum berries can never become raspberries”. But it is not true at all. In fact, viburnum is superior to raspberries in its therapeutic value. It is particularly known for its diaphoretic, antipyretic, and antiseptic effects. Viburnum berries also fight against fungi, bacteria, and common cold viruses. You can add them fresh or powdered to your regular tea and add just a little bit of honey to your drink.

Immunity-boosting cocktail with viburnum berries

Here goes the immunity cocktail recipe:

  1. Boil 500 ml of water.
  2. Add 2 tablespoons of dried viburnum berries.
  3. Strain the resulting decoction.
  4. Rinse the kettle with boiling water.
  5. Pour in your favorite black/green tea leaves. Then brew the tea like you normally do, except using the obtained berry decoction instead of boiling water.
  6. The finishing healthy touch to this tea is honey. If desired, you can also add a slice of lemon.

Stay healthy!

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