How to brew herbal tea? Our recommendations

People use many different ways to brew and drink tea. Among those, there are numerous national traditions: the Japanese tea ceremony, the Chinese art of Gong-Fu Cha, the Russian and English tea party, etc. Apart from that, you can find modifications of tea traditions and a great variety of specific brewing recipes.

We believe that before mastering any exotic nuances, one must first learn how to properly brew regular everyday tea. With tea-making being one of the skills we learn as children, still some people can make a tea that tastes good, while others can’t.

Herbal tea

When it comes to brewing herbal tea, there are several options you might use.

  1. 1st option – add 1 teaspoon of herbal tea to your favorite black tea, pour hot water, and infuse for 5 minutes.
  2. 2nd option – infuse the herbal blend and tea in separate pots to avoid over-extraction of the tea leaves. The thing is, the tea brewing time varies from a few seconds to 5 minutes, whereas for the herbs, the longer the better. Once that’s done, mix the infusions together in a mug.

Try Siberian Herbal Tea

Fruit and berry tea

It is best to pour boiling water over frozen berries and mash them afterwards.

As for dried fruits, it is recommended to infuse them in a thermos over a long period of time, preferably with boiling water as well. Or, if you want to make a drink without waiting a few hours to infuse, try crushing the dried berries before brewing, or buy ready-made Siberian Treasure freeze-dried wild berries.

There are plenty of ways to use lemon (as well as other members of the citrus family): add it to an already brewed drink by squeezing out the juice or putting it in big slices.

Drink tea and be well!!!

Lenten Sesame Seeds Flour Cookies Recipe


  • 150 g Sesame Seeds Flour;
  • half a ripe Banana;
  • 10-12 g Baking Powder;
  • 70 g Jam (seedless);
  • 100 g Sugar.


  1. Pour the sesame flour, sugar, and baking powder into a bowl and mix.
  2. Put a banana in the bowl, having it mashed with your hands beforehand.
  3. Add jam.
  4. Mix all the ingredients thoroughly until homogeneous.
  5. Roll 12 pieces of dough into balls and then flatten them.
  6. Prepare a baking tray. Heat the oven up to 200C (400F).
  7. Bake for 10-15 minutes until golden brown.


  • If you want your cookies wetter, you can substitute the jam with cooking oil.
  • You might substitute the sugar with dried fruit as well.

You can see there is no wheat flour in the recipe, so be sure these cookies will not ruin your figure. At the same time, the sesame seeds give a kind of bitterness to the cookies, which creates a very interesting and unusual flavor.


Banana raspberry smoothie. Siberian Treasure Recipe

This amazing, great-tasting smoothie is so easy to make at home.

It is rich in antioxidants. Drink it to boost your immune system.

This recipe calls for coconut milk, so it is ideal for vegetarians and those who is fasting.


  • 1 banana (peel, slice and freeze beforehand);
  • 2-3 tbsp. Siberian Treasure berries (raspberry/bilberry etc.);
  • 1 cup (200 ml) coconut milk.


Place all ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth.
Your smoothie is ready!!! Pour into glasses and decorate to your liking.

Pine Nut and Quinoa Salad. Tasty Recipe

The combination of refreshing minty and nutty flavors is magically delicious! Quinoa perfectly complements this successful tandem, with the vegetables bringing the last nice touch to the dish.



  1. Boil the quinoa for 15 minutes after soaking it in cold water.
  2. Cut all the vegetables into equal-sized cubes.
  3. Mix quinoa and vegetables. Add finely chopped herbs.
  4. Add the pine nuts having pre-heated them in a dry frying pan for 3 to 4 minutes.
  5. Season with salt, pine nut oil, and lemon juice. Give it a good final stir.




Tasty Vitamin Smoothie With Bee Pollen

Step by step recipe

Making smoothie is a real art, because we learn to combine bright colors and healthy products to get a delicious vitamin cocktail for our precious body as a result.

Today we get creative with super-healthy green fruits and berries, as well as flower bee pollen.

First, let’s talk a little about the ingredients!

Green vegetables and fruits are proved to be very useful for our body. They contain a lot of vitamins and minerals, but few calories – so they are good for those on a diet. Bright and colorful green drinks invigorate and protect us not only from seasonal cold, but also from seasonal depression. Remember! Green fruits and berries contain a lot of vitamin K, and they are often sour, so if you have high acidity, be careful and see how it feels.

Then flower bee pollen is full of vitamins and microelements that support the activity of the heart and strengthen the walls of blood vessels. They protect our body from bacteria and viruses, have anti-sclerotic effect and increase immunity.

Flower bee pollen will help you with headaches, blood pressure problems, exhaustion and stress. Important: since the bee pollen is collected by bees, you should not use this product if you are allergic to bees or honey.

Now that we’ve known about useful properties of the ingredients, let’s finally start making our refreshing smoothie.

We will need:

– banana: 50 g;

– kiwi: 70 g;

(This is about half a big banana and 1 whole kiwi)

– nonfat buttermilk or yogurt: ¾ cup;

– a few gooseberries;

– 1 tsp (or tbsp, if you like it sweeter) of honey;

– 1 tsp of Siberian Bee Pollen;

– a pinch of cinnamon for decoration.

How to make?

Step 1. Peel the fruit. And do not forget to tail the gooseberry 🙂

Step 2. Pour the buttermilk into the blender, put there the sliced banana, kiwi, add a handful of gooseberries. Blend.

Step 3. Add honey and be pollen to the mixture, blend thoroughly again.

Step 4. Taste the smoothie to find out the balance of sweetness and sourness. If it is too sour, add more honey. If too sweet, more gooseberries.

Step 5. When the taste is balanced, pour it from the blender bowl into the prettiest bottle, cup or glass for smoothies. Add a beautiful serving if you want, and enjoy!

Life hack for those who are on a diet: you should take small sips of the smoothie, so you will feel you’re full sooner. This also works for other healthy desserts.

Bon appétit!

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