Siberian Flaxseed Oil, First Cold Press, Extra Virgin, 3.4 Fl Oz


  • Fresh Oil. Glass bottle.
  • 100% Natural, Premium Quality.
  • Made in Siberia.


Siberian Flaxseed Oil, First Cold Press, Extra Virgin, 3.4 Fl Oz (100 ml)

Breath of a Miracle

Scatterings of blue flowers, like splashes of Altai skies, are inscribed in green Siberian landscapes. This is flax, a unique plant that can feed, clothe, and rejuvenate.

Flax makes the old breathe like the young. So they say in Siberia, and these words are true: flax seeds are the main source of lignans for the human body. These unique phytoestrogens slow down the aging process and help to fight viruses and microbes.

Flaxseed oil is also valued for its unique combination of unsaturated and saturated fatty acids. Linolenic acid (Omega-3) is the most valuable, which is not synthesized by the body, but is very important: it comprises about 60 percent of flaxseed oil.

This is not all – flaxseed oil is a source of health and beauty. The vitamins and elements contained in it are extremely healthy. They improve the physiological processes, purify the blood, recover the nervous system. And most importantly, this unique gift of nature, demanded in medicine, cosmetology and cooking, has no contraindications.

Flax is grown in many countries, but Siberian flax is special: clean, strong, kind. Grown in the mysterious depths of the continent, far from the big noisy cities, it is full of peace and confidence, life and beauty. In every drop of the golden elixir squeezed from its seeds, one can feel the unlimited power of nature, the smile of the Altai sun and the exciting breath of a miracle.


Siberian Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Flaxseed Oil.

No preservatives, colorants, aromas or other additives.


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