Siberian Organic Pine Nuts, Pignoli Nuts


  • Wild Harvested in Siberian taiga.
  • Сarton box carefully protects Pine Nuts from light.
  • Vacuum pack protects from air. Product is protected from oxidation.
  • High quality with great flavor and texture.


Siberian Pine Nuts

Fine work of the nature

World Tree, the keeper of the forest, the mighty Pine Tree This amazing tree is surrounded by myths and legends. It was used to build famous temples and ships; it was the symbol of immortality and the Universe.

Incredible power is hidden in each of the tiny pine nuts that grow on this giant. This is a wonderful gift of the Siberian taiga, which absorbed the bright joy of life, the wise power of the cosmos, the breath of the blue sky. For centuries, people went deep into the forest and returned with bagfuls of pine tree cones.

Pine Nuts are appreciated in medicine, cosmetology, cooking, and in each of these areas their abilities are diverse and multifaceted. Healers of ancient times knew about the incredible properties of Siberian Pine Nuts, and today this knowledge is replenished, as the scientists explore them and reveal new possibilities.

Each of these amazing tiny seeds is the result of a long and precise work of nature. There is a tiny universe in each of them, filled with bioactive substances and the voices of countless underground streams feeding the roots of the great forest.

The legends of many peoples of Siberia say that benign spirits live in Pine Trees. And everything that this amazing tree gives to people is blessed, beautiful, and fabulously generous. Feeling the might of the Pine Tree, people were drawn to it since ancient times, looking for and finding healing power in its resin, needles, and bark. But first of all, in Pine Nuts.

You can buy:

  • Siberian Pine Nuts, 200 g (7 oz);
  • Siberian Pine Nuts, 500 g (17.6 oz);
  • Siberian Pine Nuts in shell, 230 g (8 oz).


Organic Pine Nuts Kernels (Non-GMO).

Organic Pine Nuts in shell.

No preservatives, colorants, aromas or other additives.


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