Improve Your Health With Bee Propolis

Bee Propolis is a product produced by bees and they use it for building their hives. It is extracted from buds of cone-bearing and poplar trees. It is rarely found in pure form but can be gotten from beehives.

Propolis has a wide range of benefits that include treatment of viral, fungal and bacterial infection. It has also gained popularity in the treatment of various cancers. Some people use it to treat wounds by applying raw propolis directly on their skin.

Although it has numerous health benefits, propolis is also used as an ingredient in the manufacture of certain cosmetics. Because organic propolis has antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and anti-viral, it is ideal for cosmetic creams and lotions.

Health Benefits of Bee Propolis:

1. Anti-microbial abilities

Bee propolis has many antibacterial properties. The most outstanding are its anti-viral and antifungal powers. It accelerates the healing of wounds, especially in diabetic patients. It can be applied directly onto the would or used in form of a processed/manufactured product.

In children, it is ideal for the treatment and prevention of respiratory tract infections, middle ear infections, and common colds.

2. Heals burns

Research has shown that bee propolis is great for treating burns. Although extensive burns require stronger medications, organic propolis has successfully treated second-degree burns and more physicians are gravitating towards its use as an alternative to silver sulfadiazine, which is the conventional drug for burn treatment.

3. Preventing cavities

Raw propolis has active ingredients that help in the prevention of dental cavities. Some kinds of toothpaste and mouthwashes today have propolis but you could also use it to clean your teeth in its raw form and the benefits will be the same.

4. Treat parasites

Pure propolis is effective in treating the parasite giardiasis and research is ongoing to find out which other parasites can be treated using bee propolis.

5. Cancer Treatment

Propolis contains about three hundred active compounds making it one of the most complex organic elements. Research shows that some of these compounds are key to preventing the growth of blood vessels that feed cancerous cells. It also prevents cancer from spreading from one organ to the next and it has properties that halt the cell division of cancer cells. It is also used in programming the death of cancer cells thus instrumental in the treatment of various cancers.

Where To Get Your Pure Bee Propolis

Natural Propolis, also known as bee glue from Siberia is one of the best in the market. It is wild harvested from Siberia, Altai and packaged in its purest form. Its purity is enhanced the fresh clean air in the environment it is harvested from. Get your Natural Propolis on-line today and start enjoying the benefits.


Before you start using Bee Propolis, you should definitely consult a physician.

It is not a medicine.

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