Siberian Raw Bee Propolis, 0.5 oz


Raw Propolis, 100% Natural.

Glass jar.

Made in Siberia.

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Siberian Raw Bee Propolis, 0.5 oz (15 g)

Life-giving Altai Juices

Since spring, the work on Altai bee yards is in full swing. A sonorous buzz fills the expanses of the pristine land; tidy hives stand in neat rows. They have been built by people, but it is bees that set them up. These small amazing creatures, glorified by world mythology and literature became symbols of famous dynasties and clans.

It’s impossible to build a hive without propolis, or bee glue. The bees use it to fill the gaps, strengthen the honeycombs, disinfect the cells, and adjust the width of the entrance. To produce this gummy material, bees collect resinous substances from the buds in the spring and add their secretion, beeswax and pollen. Different trees and shrubs give propolis a different color and composition.

People have known its strength and purity since ancient times. It was used by Egyptian priests, Greek and Roman healers, Old Russian medicine men, Asian curers. The doctors of the forgotten times knew well that propolis relieves the pain, keeps the fever down, strengthens the immune system, speeds up the healing of wounds and removes infection.

Modern scientists highly acknowledged the rich composition of bee propolis, having found dozens of ether and balsamic compounds, flavones and flavonones, amino acids, valuable phytoncides, vegetable resins, and many micro elements in it. It turned out that propolis acts as a powerful antibiotic, but, unlike artificial drugs, bacteria cannot adapt to it. In addition, while chemical antibiotic burns out the entire microflora, propolis destroys only pathogenic microorganisms.

This fragrant glue continues to amaze scientists and doctors, as research constantly reveals new properties and potential of this unique natural material. Beekeepers collect it from the walls of the hives and melt in a double-boiling pot to clear it from wax and solid particles. The strength of Siberia, the life-giving juices of the generous Altai land soaked by birch, linden and alder, and collected by bees are delivered to people through Siberian bee propolis.



Siberian Raw Bee Propolis


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