Pea Snacks with Flaxseed, Tomato & Basil, 3.53 oz




Pea Snacks with Flaxseed, Tomato & Basil, Healthy Snacks, 3.53 oz (100 g)

Life in Every Pea

We are all travelers, leaving days and kilometers behind us. Whether we go through the forest or mountains, pass the time between morning and evening, doing our daily job, we need to sustain ourselves. Bread is a loyal friend of an experienced wanderer – small compressed slices of vital force.

Light as a feather, necessary as air, pleasant as a rest after a long way. They don’t take up much space in a travel bag or on a kitchen shelf, but they are full of energy and useful substances – and they share this power willingly. These weightless strips contain an amazing wealth of fiber that strengthens the body. The stomach, the heart, the kidneys, the nervous system and other organs digest the beneficial substances from these loaves quickly and gratefully.

In the manufacture of loaves, different raw materials are used, so their properties are different, too. Pea bread contains micro elements and mineral salts useful for the body. Their benefits are numerous, because peas are a valuable source of vegetable protein. Each pea is a real ampoule of useful substances, a health capsule, an extensive collection of vitamins rolled into a small green ball. Flax seeds, tomato, basil, salt, added to pea bread, enhance their taste, add spice and flavor.

This nutritious and healthy food will not only restore strength, but also support your efforts in working on yourself, your shape and health. And what else does a traveler need in a long journey from the mountain to the forest, from morning to evening, from home to work? Strength, health, reliable companion and good mood!


Ingredients: flax seeds, peas, tomato, basil, salt. May contain traces of sesame and mustard seeds.



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