Fir Needle Essential Oil, 1 Fl Oz


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Fir Needle Essential Oil, 1 Fl Oz (30 ml)

Sacred Tree Power

Longevity and fertility, weddings and housewarming, celestials and heroes – the fir tree is shrouded by numerous myths, rites and beliefs. The people of Siberia always considered this tree sacred – they said it was created by the ancient gods. For centuries, such faith rested on the calm, majestic beauty of fir as well as on its beneficial properties, which seemed to be given to humanity by higher powers.

Fir essential oil is used both in cosmetology and in medicine. It is extracted from fir needles and young shoots – with gratitude and gentle respect for nature, just as centuries ago. Fir oil is a powerful source of phytoncides that help to treat a cold, strengthen the immune system, give peace of mind and regenerate the skin. This is especially valuable in the fast and noisy city life, away from the clean and healing oases of the world.

The wonderful pine aroma of fir oil is inhaled through the aroma lamp to strengthen the respiratory system. In the bath houses and sauna, this oil is added to the water for the steam room to infuse peace in the clouds of fragrant steam. It is rubbed into the skin to drive away bacteria and warm the body during the massage. The strength of this elixir is so great that it is usually not used in its pure form, but mixed in small doses with other oils or with water.

100% Natural Fir Needle Essential Oil


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