Dried White Cabbage, 1.4 oz


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Dried White Cabbage, 1.4 oz (40 g)

Dried white cabbage comes in handy for quick adding to soups and broths for stewing. You can mash a bag of dried cabbage in your hands and get fine cabbage chips, which is very convenient to use in kneading or meat stuffing.

Dried white cabbage can be rehydrated and used as intended.

As a result, dried cabbage not only saves space in the kitchen and does not require special storage conditions, but also is a time saver!

Ingredients: white cabbage. No preservatives, colorants, aromas. NON-GMO.


Siberian Dried Vegetables

Sleeping Power

Tomatoes, peppers, onions, garlic, cabbage, beets – all this living multicolor wealth of the Siberian garden can take a very little space in the kitchen, filled with steam and hard cooking labor, as well as in the bag or backpack of the traveler. Since ancient times, people have learned how to dry vegetables without losing their rich taste, fresh aroma, and vital power.

These slices and dices contain spring, summer and fall, full of life and bright joy of life, grateful land farming and harvesting. As if they are sleeping, they wait for their hour to come, when the water in the saucepan or oil in the pan will release the colorful memories of faraway lands, awaken the vitamins, and bring back the aroma.

Healthy, home-grown vegetables nurtured on fertile Siberian land carry its music and purity. They can be alternated in a different order, creating culinary compositions and variations; cooked, fried, simmered, baked, or even eaten fresh. You add to your food the golden sun, the singing of crystal rivers, the wise calm of the forests crowned with blue mountains of mountains together with them. And they become a part of you, your knowledge and your strength.