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Power of Plants in Every Cup. Siberian Treasure Herbal Tea

The herbal world of Altai is like a book with pages all filled with red, yellow, blue flowers, green leaves and grass creating incredible design. Bees and stars above them do not stop buzzing, birds are singing and the wind is gently rustling the leaves on the trees.

Every plant here is playing its own music and sharing its own legend. When you prepare these herbs for steeping, it seems they suddenly wake up and then you can hear magic of this land and feel its warmth, comfort and incredible fragrance.

They are created by nature itself. These plants do not know greenhouses and plantations, they do not know artificial nutrients. They are nourished by the power of earth – the juices of the planet and the light of the sun. They grow and thrive absorbing nutrients from good healthy soil of this wild land.

The thousand-year memory is ingrained in each of these fragile plants. Altai herbs resisted cold and heat, wind and rain for a good many years. And that is why they have a special power – the power of life which remained strong through many trials; which enhanced and strengthened.

This knowledge, embodied in healthy ingredients, herbs share with people.

How herbs are harvested?

herbal teaGentle hands of Siberian Treasure herbalists gratefully accept this generous gift of Mother Earth, drying, grinding, and creating various combinations. As many centuries ago, herbalists connect and deeply listen to the plants and herbs they gathered and create new compositions and combinations. In the basis of these technologies, honed through many generations, is respect and care for the world.

With each cup of herbal infusion, a man takes in the wisdom of being, which states – trials and tribulations in your life make you stronger and life conquers all.

It is no coincidence that the use of herbs goes back many centuries. And it is no coincidence that this knowledge has always been secret. Only a few initiates could make nature cure sickness, heal the wounds, prolong the life of a ruler, put a sorcerer or a warrior into a trance.

It is critically important to use this power, like any other power, in a conscious and wise manner, being aware of properties this or that mixture may have, how best to store and steep it, which combination will be the most effective for you. It is important to understand the meaning of each plant and its possibilities.

There are general recommendations

Storage: store in a dry, cool and dark place at 25 °C and 75 % relative humidity.

Steeping: 200 – 250 ml of boiling water per one tablespoon, cover and let stand for 20 – 30 minutes without adding sugar, because sugar spoils the taste; honey is not recommended as well, because it loses its useful properties in water hotter than 35 degrees. How much: more than two cups a day is not recommended.

Restrictions:  pregnant women and children under 18 years are better to consult a doctor before drinking.

But there is a vast field for the creative mind!

Everyone should work with herbs individually, looking for their own music among many others, identifying those flavors and aromas that resonate in their heart. And just as ancient priests and herbalists were sorting herbs, making elixirs of life, today we are also seeking our own combinations and formulas.

Try, for example, a mixture of Cypress, sagan, willow herb and rosehip – this bright composition with a mild taste will give you life energy and wake up the brain and body. There are even more refreshing options – herbal teas that contain Sagan Daylya or red root. There are blends of herbal teas that help you lose weight, remove stagnation and toxins from the body and relieve swelling without a laxative effect. There is tea which tones up body, gives a subtle diaphoretic effect, stimulates the gastrointestinal tract and kidneys. There are also restorative tea blends which improve metabolism, provide an energy boost and protection during cold and flu season.

Certain combination of ingredients in a blend can make magic!

Altai herbs steeping is an ancient art, a calm mystery. Look closely and listen, you will see how the leaves and flowers are opening up and transforming in the boiling water, how they are coloring the water, how they are whispering their stories.

Wherever you are, at any time of the year the fragrance of Altai herbs will tell you the story of the distant lands where blue peaks rise above the green ocean of forests, where the streams are crystal and the animals trust people. Whoever reads this book will find new dreams and new power.

Siberian Treasure Herbal Tea

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